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Action for People In Need Organization – (APINO) is a Not-for-Profit, Non-Political and Non-Government Organization (NGO) founded in 2016 in South Sudan.

APINO is registered in South Sudan by Relief & Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) as National Non-Government Organization.

The initiative is founded by South Sudanese Musician & Activist Lupai Moses Cisona, supported by other South Sudanese and volunteers in different parts of the world.

APINO is engaged in various programs including Peace Building and Trauma Healing, Access to Justice, Education, Livelihood and Economic Empowerment, Reproductive Health and Forum Theatre performances.

Considering the increasingly level of poverty, rampant conflicts among communities, poor health services, high prevalence rate of HIV/AIDS, limited access to education, limited economic opportunities, APINO works to implement initiatives that support the most vulnerable individuals in the communities.


APINO advocates for united, peaceful and healthy society that contributes to positive social change and development.


APINO aims to  empower people through promoting Healthy living, access to Education, increase economic opportunities and support to peaceful co-existence among communities.

Core Values

APINO is guided by the following core values of competency, drive for results, respect and dignity for humanity, transparency and accountability, faith and love for all. Our ethical code of conduct encompasses gender responsiveness and equity, resilience and upholding individual rights while implementing our  program and interventions in South Sudan and beyond.


To promote positive social change among South Sudanese people living in the rural communities in South Sudan and beyond.



  1. Peace Building, Trauma Healing & Reconciliation :- 
    • To mobilize community members on peace building and reconciliation processes
  2. Livelihood and Economic Empowerment :- 
    • To empower Youth, Women and Girls with life skills and small-scale business group loans to promote self-reliance.
  3. Health Care Service :- 
    • To support and promote health care services through collaborating with government and other health institutions and grass root organizations
  4. Creative Arts and Music :-
    • To establish and support community music, dance and drama groups.
    • To establish an Art and film production music center that offer training and mentorship for upcoming talents.
    • To conduct and promote civic education on issues that affect communities through music dance and drama
  5. Access to Education for all Children :-
    • To engage community members and involve them in promoting education for all children
  6. Access to Justice :- 
    • To promote transitional justice and provide legal aid support to survivors of Human Rights violation
  7. Organizational Capacity Developmen t :-
    • To build and strengthen the capacity of management staff so that they can support the well-functioning of the organization.