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Our Programs

Peace Building, Trauma Healing & Reconciliation

APINO uses music, dance and drama to promote peace building, trauma healing and reconciliation.

Livelihood and Economic Empowerment

APINO works to empower Youth, Women and Girls and promote their self-reliance through providing life skills and small-scale business group loans.

Reproductive Health

APINO engage with government and other health institutions to support and promote the provision of community-based health education

Creative Arts and Music

APINO uses music, dance and drama to conduct civic education on issues affecting communities to promote peace building. It further aims to promote arts and engage in film production and groom young talents.

Access to Education for all children

APINO works to engage community members and involve them in promoting education for all children

Access to Justice

APINO advocate to promote transitional justice and provide legal aid support to survivors of human rights violation by engaging lawyers and justice institutions.

Organizational Capacity Development

APINO embark to build and strengthen the capacity of management to efficiently and effectively run its programs.