Goals and Objectives

STRATEGIC PRIORITIES 1: Peace Building and Trauma Healing & Reconciliation

  • To mobilize community members on peace building and reconciliation processes

STRATEGIC PRIORITIES 2: Livelihood (Women Economic Empowerment)

  • To empower women and girls with small scale business group loans to promote self-reliance


  • To support and promote health care services through collaborating with government health institutions and grass root organizations

STRATEGIC PRIORITIES 4: Music, Dance and Drama

  • To establish music, dance and drama groups, artistical power house
  • To establish Art and film production power house
  • To conduct and promote civic education on issues that affect communities through music dance and drama

STRATEGIC PRIORITIES 5: Community Empowerment on Education Initiative for Children

  • To engage community members and involve them in promoting education for all children

STRATEGIC PRIORITIES 5: Organizational Capacity Development

  • To build and strengthen the capacity of management staff so that they are able to support the well-functioning of the organization